Wedding: Erin & Kevin

Magnificent Couple Erin & Kevin!

There are times, as an event planner, where you just feel lucky to witness true, majestic love. The kind of heightened affinity between two individuals that makes you believe in magic and dwell upon blessings. Erin Farfaglia and Kevin Moore are exemplary of exactly that.

Mother & Bride as they begin their walk down the aisle

On a late July day we witnessed the picture of effortless love, rooted in friendship — the sort that commands you to simply cherish the day. We’d say they were mirror images of each other except he stands at least a full foot taller than she. We beheld glittering eyes as they were joined in together in matrimony, but even better, joined together in bliss at The Church of the Immaculate Conception.

Stunning details of the day

Art Deco Cake

The nuptials were followed by an unforgettable affair at The Belvedere in Baltimore. With the Art Deco aesthetic, it was the perfect venue for the couple and their guest’s to celebrate the occasion. The live band, LOVE – one of the most magnificent we’ve ever experienced, performed everything from Hey Jude and Bridge Over Troubled Water to Rolling in the Deep and Nicki Minaj’s SuperBass. It was a non-stop dynamic celebration.

The reception at The Belvedere



Mr. & Mrs. Moore!

When evening fell we knew they we couldn’t help, much like Kevin & Erin, to feel the luckiest to be a part of this day.

Truly “The Luckiest”

All (stunning) photos courtesy of Greg Land Photography.

Kalorama Cookie Company Tablescape

Kalorama Cookie Company Tablescape at District Sample Sale

Last week we had the pleasure of collaborating with Kalorama Cookie Company on their table design for one of D.C.’s favorite fashion events, District Sample Sale. Kalorama Cookie Company is a custom design cookie company based in Washington, D.C.

Wedding Cake Cookies

With owner, Patti Greenstein, at the helm the company is set to make a major mark on D.C.’s “sweets” market. With custom, themed creations as the standard, the company brings to vibrant life nearly any design you request.

Cupcake Sprinkle Cookies

Fruit Cookies

Their magnificent cookies were one of the go to spots at the affair. You were bound to see a number of fashionistas enjoying a sweet, including part of District Sample Sale’s Haute Committee and owner of T.H.E. Artist Agency, Linda Erkiletian. You’d be doing yourself a grand disservice not to place an order immediately. Enjoy a few more shots below!

[flagallery gid=all name=Kalorama Cookie Company]

Images courtesy of Natarsha N. Wright Photography

Klover Events & Come Home Baltimore

We had the pleasure of working with an amazing team of visionaries a few weeks ago. Come Home Baltimore is a privately funded initiative and member of Live Baltimore, dedicated to rebuilding distressed neighborhoods in Baltimore City. Dedicated equally to creating solid communities the organization introduces new residents to their community by hosting a fantastic “eat and greet”. Check out Come Home Baltimore and some grand fun, below!

[flagallery gid=2 name=”ComeHomeBAltimore”].

Top Questions to Ask Event & Wedding Photographers

There are hundreds of questions that potential brides and grooms ask me as we get to know each other. First and foremost, I recommend viewing several portfolios/blogs before meeting with any photographers. It’s important to determine what style of photography you gravitate towards, and find photographers that fit that ideal. Aside from many of the obvious inquiries (cost, date availability, what’s included in each offered package), here are some of the most important questions
you should ask your potential wedding photographer:

How much wedding experience do you have?

I speak with some bias, certainly, but your wedding photos are no place to cut costs. The more established and experienced your photographer, the better your photos and overall photography experience will be. While hiring a seasoned pro is certainly going to be more expensive, the resulting product will be far superior. Having shot weddings for more than five years, I find that I’m often much more than a photographer at most weddings. It’s important for your photographer to anticipate
events and problems, be prepared for a wide range of lighting situations, manage mini crises that might arise, and bring expertise to make sure everything runs smoothly.

What photography style do you work in primarily?

It is incredibly important that your photographer’s product appeals to your aesthetic and the idea you have of your wedding day. Most pros keep an eye on the trends and should be able to cater to your preferred style, but it is important to see examples of the kind of work you’d like your own wedding shot in. Over the last few years, photojournalistic pictures have become very popular. In a more photojournalistic shoot, the photographer captures candid events as they happen without a lot of posing. That said, some people prefer more traditional photographs
where most of the photos taken are posed. Most professional photographers are able to combine both styles very well. It is important to familiarize yourself with the different types of photography before you go shopping so you know what style you like.

Can I see your images from a full, finished wedding?

Most photographers post highlights from weddings in their portfolios and blogs, leaving a majority of the photos out of these collections. While these images are their best and brightest, it is a good idea to see how they handle the rest of the wedding day, including low light situations, family portraits, reception events, etc. To get a good idea of how your potential photographer handles a wedding from start to finish, she if he or she will show you a full wedding take.

Are you the photographer that will shoot my wedding? How many
photographers will shoot my wedding?

Many photographers work with associate shooters, so it is important to verify who will be present on your wedding day. On top of your primary shooter, many photographers work with assistants and second shooters. A second shooter can capture additional angles and events that I can’t catch as a single person, and assistants help to keep the shooting on schedule and running as smoothly as possible. This means that (skilled, attentive) second shooters have an eye on details the groom’s tie and mom’s boutonniere to make sure everything is straight while we’re running around taking family portraits. A second shooter or assistant is
definitely an added bonus on your wedding day.

What rights will I have to digital images?

In the digital age, we have come accustomed to viewing photos on computers rather than in printed forms. While I absolutely recommend purchasing a wedding album (a post for another day!) it’s important for you to understand what rights you will have to your digital images. You will want to know specifically if you will be allowed to copy, print, and share your images, and what limits your photographer might put
on those rights.

Are you insured?

Any pro worth their salt will have liability insurance to cover themselves, their equipment, and any damage that might be caused by either. Imagine Uncle Albert tripping on tripod and breaks his wrist—liability insurance will provide the appropriate protection. Wedding venues often require a copy of the insurance certificate anyway, but it’s going to be a great peace of mind for you to be sure either

As a final thought I remind you to always, always read your photography contract thoroughly to confirm payment and cancellation policies, completion times, and other technicalities of your photography contract.

Klover Events is pleased to welcome guest blogger, Melissa Kelly. Formally trained as a photojournalist, Melissa has been shooting weddings since 2005, and works out of suburban Philadelphia and the greater metro area (NY to DC). When she’s not shooting (which feels like never), she’s reading tween novels or cooking dinner with her husband. Visit for more information.

Gorgeous Wedding Gown Alert!

This Rosa Clara contemporary gown with pockets is equally beautiful from, both, a fashion and architectural perspective.

Image courtesy of Polyvore

5 Ways to Get in Shape Before the Big Day

Image courtesy of Tumblr

Many women anticipate their walk down the aisle on their wedding day their entire lives and while many aspects of the wedding change as the years pass (the groom, the dress, the color scheme…) one thing remains the same; women want to look fit, healthy and amazing in their wedding dress. As the big day approaches, women start dieting and exercising in an attempt to look their best on their wedding day and in their wedding photos. Aside from eating healthy and reducing stress as much as possible, there are five great ways women can lose weight and get in shape before their wedding day.

Drink More Water

One of the easiest ways to improve health and lose weight is to drink more water, even if it may not seem like a way to get in shape or lose weight. Drinking water releases toxins from the body, which increases productivity, improves skin tone and keeps women fuller longer, which decreases the amount of snacking and eating they do throughout the day. Health professionals recommend at least eight glasses a day.

Change your Eating Habits

Instead of snacking and indulging in unhealthy food throughout the day, women need to eat healthier foods to get in shape and lose weight before their wedding day. Fruits and vegetables are diet necessities. In addition, substituting for wheat pasta and bread is a good diet choice. Eating more calcium and lean proteins are another way to improve health and lose weight.

Start Working Out – Slowly

Nothing makes a women feel worse about herself than undertaking a huge workout before she is ready. Starting off slowly helps women build up stamina and energy, which will prepare her for a bigger, more complex workout. Begin by walking thirty minutes a day and gradually increase workouts by jogging for 20 instead of walking for 30 and so on.

Sculpt Problem Areas

Even when a bride hasn’t much weight to lose, she will feel and look better when she sculpts her body by toning problem areas, such as under arms and legs. Light to moderate weight training is the way to achieve this along with cardio exercises such as swimming and walking.

Make Workouts Enjoyable

Women often torture themselves at the gym or on the treadmill when in reality, they become burned out quickly doing something they do not enjoy. The best way a woman can work out to get in shape and lose weight is to do something she enjoys, such as swimming or biking.

Not only does a woman feel more beautiful on her wedding day after getting in shape, she also feels more confident, which allows her to enjoy herself more at her wedding. Other ways women can feel more confident is by going tanning, getting a new haircut and getting teeth whitening treatments. There are many DC dentist offices that offer different types of teeth whitening so like any service it is important to research and find the right one for the individual. These in combination with being in shape give women the full body confidence needed for their big day!

Klover Events is pleased to welcome our guest blogger, local beauty, fashion and fitness writer, Liz Davies, sharing her expertise on how to get in shape for your wedding day!

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Teri, on the Klover Events team, is the featured blogger in this article about preparing for the worst in the form of inclement weather…and yes, she does manage to reference Diana Ross. The mark of a true genius. 🙂

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We’re honored to have contributed to a piece in one of our favorite digital publications, YFS Magazine — for the Young, Fabulous & Self-Employed. The magazine is content rich with guidance and resources for starting and managing your business. We contributed along with a number of other event, public relations and marketing professionals. Check out the feature, here!

Luxury Wedding Gowns — fantastic price!

One of D.C.’s favorite new bridal boutiques, Soliloquy Bridal, is practically GIVING away select luxury wedding gowns. I’m talking swoon worthy gown, so gorgeous they make your knees buckle! The new, luxury boutique features a variety of heralded contemporary and coveted designers known nationally and internationally.

This can’t miss year-end promotion offers an opportunity to purchase select designer gowns for $2,011. From December 27 – 30th, walk, don’t run, to Soliloquy Bridal for what is certain to be one of (if not THE) most coveted opportunities to purchase your bridal gown at a boutique that takes proper care of a fantastic bride!

Click here to book your appointment and for additional information!

Meetings & Conventions Magazine!

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