Wedding: Erin & Kevin

Magnificent Couple Erin & Kevin!

There are times, as an event planner, where you just feel lucky to witness true, majestic love. The kind of heightened affinity between two individuals that makes you believe in magic and dwell upon blessings. Erin Farfaglia and Kevin Moore are exemplary of exactly that.

Mother & Bride as they begin their walk down the aisle

On a late July day we witnessed the picture of effortless love, rooted in friendship — the sort that commands you to simply cherish the day. We’d say they were mirror images of each other except he stands at least a full foot taller than she. We beheld glittering eyes as they were joined in together in matrimony, but even better, joined together in bliss at The Church of the Immaculate Conception.

Stunning details of the day

Art Deco Cake

The nuptials were followed by an unforgettable affair at The Belvedere in Baltimore. With the Art Deco aesthetic, it was the perfect venue for the couple and their guest’s to celebrate the occasion. The live band, LOVE – one of the most magnificent we’ve ever experienced, performed everything from Hey Jude and Bridge Over Troubled Water to Rolling in the Deep and Nicki Minaj’s SuperBass. It was a non-stop dynamic celebration.

The reception at The Belvedere



Mr. & Mrs. Moore!

When evening fell we knew they we couldn’t help, much like Kevin & Erin, to feel the luckiest to be a part of this day.

Truly “The Luckiest”

All (stunning) photos courtesy of Greg Land Photography.

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