The first four questions to ask potential wedding vendors

Starting to secure vendors can seem like such the daunting task. We thought we’d share the questions we think should be at the top of your list.

Do you have my wedding date available?
This is the first question you ask of ANY vendor. I’m certain this is obvious why this is the first question, but just in case there’s any question, do let me explain. If the vendor does not have your date – the date you are married to (pun intended), you need not have another bit of conversation about their services. If you want THAT photographer then the fact that they don’t have availability will seal the deal and you can move forward with shopping other vendors. Time is everything in planning your wedding so one must not waste time dwelling on these issues.

How far in advance do I need to book your services?
This tip helps a great deal, especially when you are shopping vendors for a specific service. You will have a proper understanding of what sort of timing you are up against and when you’ll need to contract and have deposits ready to secure said vendors.

Do you have a portfolio you can share?
A vendor’s portfolio is the best representation of their work. As vendors, our portfolio is what represents us. It is representative of the high quality work we do on a client’s behalf. Keep in mind that these are the images the vendor has CHOSEN to show as the work that is exemplary of their work. If the images in someone’s portfolio strike you as mediocre, then take heed. If they have a significant portfolio and you don’t see what you like then they likely won’t match very well with your aesthetic. Certainly you can have a conversation with the vendor about the possibilities, but also consider this may be a cue to move on.

What packages do you offer and can they be customized?
All vendors should have a clearly outlined offering of services. It may not be on their website as most of us don’t want to include the more in-depth detail on our websites so as not to overwhelm you when visiting. Generally if you inquire about services via the website or by phone, we can supply a detailed list of services and discuss costs, as well. Get this upfront and factor the costs into your budget. This should be a big consideration and help tremendously in guiding your planning.

What are some wedding vendor questions you think should be asked immediately?

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