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The Brooch Approach to your bridal bouquet

Yesterday we talked about a major focal point of your ceremony, that being the wedding cake. Another stand out aspect, which is oft forgotten as an opportunity to “wow” the guests while highlighting the aesthetic of the event, is the bouquet. The newest trend in creating a fantastic, dynamic bouquet is what I like to call the “Brooch Approach”.

The Brooch Approach is the act of actually styling your bouquet with brooches, jewels and a variety of other designer features. Many brides use this as an opportunity to integrate vintage family heirlooms and found pieces at boutiques. Another benefit of the Brooch Approach is it takes some of the pressure off finding the traditional jewelry for your wedding. There likely won’t be the same need for baubles around the neck when you’re sauntering down the aisle with one of these pieces.

Imagine appearing before your guests with one of these remarkably unique bouquets. Would you consider it?

Cake, Cake, for goodness sake!

The details, small and large, are really what make your wedding special and unique. One of the most prominent places to show off your unique and innovative aesthetic is the wedding cake. What you know is, in addition to the wedding dress, your guests are pretty eager to see what the cake looks like. In recent years, with the popularity of celebrity cake designer, Sylvia Weinstock and the surge in popularity of cake-related reality shows (Ace of Cakes, Cake Boss), cakes have become a highly detailed and designed aspect of the wedding. No more stark, white tiers, with a little piping.

If you’re feeling adventurous and are looking to move further toward a spin on the traditional, consider some options. Designing your cake with the added touch of your favorite candy adds an additional layer of sweetness and certainly some nostalgia. What a conversation piece “buttons” could make when added to a tiered confection!

More and more, cake pops and macarons are becoming a regular part of the dessert foodie conversation. The drama and depth of a tower of these sweets is virtually unmatched.

Our new favorite is the mini bundt cake, designed for each guests to take home. Want a fabulous send off? Let them eat cake!