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5 Ways to Get in Shape Before the Big Day

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Many women anticipate their walk down the aisle on their wedding day their entire lives and while many aspects of the wedding change as the years pass (the groom, the dress, the color scheme…) one thing remains the same; women want to look fit, healthy and amazing in their wedding dress. As the big day approaches, women start dieting and exercising in an attempt to look their best on their wedding day and in their wedding photos. Aside from eating healthy and reducing stress as much as possible, there are five great ways women can lose weight and get in shape before their wedding day.

Drink More Water

One of the easiest ways to improve health and lose weight is to drink more water, even if it may not seem like a way to get in shape or lose weight. Drinking water releases toxins from the body, which increases productivity, improves skin tone and keeps women fuller longer, which decreases the amount of snacking and eating they do throughout the day. Health professionals recommend at least eight glasses a day.

Change your Eating Habits

Instead of snacking and indulging in unhealthy food throughout the day, women need to eat healthier foods to get in shape and lose weight before their wedding day. Fruits and vegetables are diet necessities. In addition, substituting for wheat pasta and bread is a good diet choice. Eating more calcium and lean proteins are another way to improve health and lose weight.

Start Working Out – Slowly

Nothing makes a women feel worse about herself than undertaking a huge workout before she is ready. Starting off slowly helps women build up stamina and energy, which will prepare her for a bigger, more complex workout. Begin by walking thirty minutes a day and gradually increase workouts by jogging for 20 instead of walking for 30 and so on.

Sculpt Problem Areas

Even when a bride hasn’t much weight to lose, she will feel and look better when she sculpts her body by toning problem areas, such as under arms and legs. Light to moderate weight training is the way to achieve this along with cardio exercises such as swimming and walking.

Make Workouts Enjoyable

Women often torture themselves at the gym or on the treadmill when in reality, they become burned out quickly doing something they do not enjoy. The best way a woman can work out to get in shape and lose weight is to do something she enjoys, such as swimming or biking.

Not only does a woman feel more beautiful on her wedding day after getting in shape, she also feels more confident, which allows her to enjoy herself more at her wedding. Other ways women can feel more confident is by going tanning, getting a new haircut and getting teeth whitening treatments. There are many DC dentist offices that offer different types of teeth whitening so like any service it is important to research and find the right one for the individual. These in combination with being in shape give women the full body confidence needed for their big day!

Klover Events is pleased to welcome our guest blogger, local beauty, fashion and fitness writer, Liz Davies, sharing her expertise on how to get in shape for your wedding day!